O Living Christ, make us conscious of Your healing presence.  Touch our eyes that we may see You; Open our ears that we may hear Your voice; Enter our hearts that we may know Your love.  Overshadow our souls and bodies with Your presence that we may partake of Your strength, Your love, and Your healing life
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Shop With Scrip - Join Here
Aug 27, 2017

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Join Shop With Scrip at https://shop.shopwithscrip.com/Login/Enroll (Enrollment code: C5E6L76F55429) or see a WOC member to place an order.

A great new way to shop and earn $$$ for

Women of the Church and Church of the Holy Spirit!

 One thing is for sure . . . we are going to spend $$$ everyday on something.

l Groceries   l  Restaurants   l Gas   l Shopping

Now you can earn $$$ for WOC-CHS by making the same purchases through gift cards and WOC-CHS will earn a % of each purchase! It couldn’t be easier!

1. Make a list of where you shop, dine and gift the most

2. Check the list of over 750 major retailers and decide how much $$$ you’ll be spending

3.  See a WOC representative to purchase the cards you need OR go online and purchase the cards you need and have them sent directly to you.   Then make your purchases with those cards, instead of carrying cash or running up a credit card.  WOC-CHS will earn anywhere from 1% to 16% of your purchase, WITHOUT ADDING ANY COST TO YOUR PURCHASE!