O Living Christ, make us conscious of Your healing presence.  Touch our eyes that we may see You; Open our ears that we may hear Your voice; Enter our hearts that we may know Your love.  Overshadow our souls and bodies with Your presence that we may partake of Your strength, Your love, and Your healing life
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Tuck-A-Buck is an ongoing outreach program funded by parishioners ‘tucking a buck' into envelopes – an extra gift toward outreach above and beyond our pledges.  Each year a worthy recipient is chosen to receive what is collected. Past sponsors have included Southeastern Guide Dogs, Anthony House, The Russell Home, and more.  Tuck-a-Buck Funds were designated for Holy Spirit to help with finances in 2013.

This year the Tuck-A-Buck recipent is a project near and dear to the heart of our Biship Brewer, The Sao Paulo Mission Ministry.  Leadership and money are needed to support this area in Brazil where children's lives are literally in danger, finding the street a safer place to live than their own homes. Follow this link for short introduction to Sao Paulo by Rev. Stephen Dass and Bishop Brewer.