O Living Christ, make us conscious of Your healing presence.  Touch our eyes that we may see You; Open our ears that we may hear Your voice; Enter our hearts that we may know Your love.  Overshadow our souls and bodies with Your presence that we may partake of Your strength, Your love, and Your healing life
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Cathi's Angels

Cathi's Angels is a pastoral care ministry that began in tribute following the death of parishioner Cathi Potter in 2003. We assist our clergy in attending to the needs of the bereaved during a funeral at Church of the Holy Spirit. We minister to grieving families with simple acts of service like warmly welcoming family members as they assemble in the parish hall, fetching a glass of water or a tissue, helping the family setup a photo display, pointing the way to the restroom, inviting folks to sign the guest book, whatever may be needed.

Cathi's Angels normally serve in teams of two and are activated by a call from the Church Office at the same time other ministries are contacted for a funeral. The needs that arise may be different for each family, so we remain flexible, attentive, and always follow the direction of our clergy. 

Emergency Prayer Chain (EPC)

The Emergency Prayer Chain (EPC) is just one of three major prayer ministries at Holy Spirit. The EPC is an active, rewarding ministry of timely prayer for emergency and immediate needs. When a request comes in it is dispersed as fast as possible to our pray-ers who cover the need as soon as they receive it. Requests are called or emailed to our EPC Coordinator then passed along to the rest of the pray-ers. Feel free to call on this prayer team whenever you feel a need for quick and timely prayer support; your need may be as simple as an important meeting you’re facing…a test you may be taking…an interview…a relationship problem…or more desperate needs such as health issues for you or a loved one. Whatever your prayer request, it will be treated confidentially, immediately, and sincerely. 

TO REQUEST IMMEDIATE PRAYER contact Nancy Colton Platt via email; the Church office by email, through the Contact Form or by phone at 407-886-1740

Flower Ministry

The Flower Ministry is an outreach of love that comes when Sunday altar flowers are rearranged into smaller bouquets and are delivered on the following Mondays to newcomers, those who are ill, housebound, in need of cheering up, or deserving of a “thank you”.  A team gathers on Monday and creates the smaller arrangements that are delivered personally to families or individuals.

If you would like to remember someone you love, express your gratitude for a person or an event, or celebrate a special occasion, sponsorship to cover the cost of an arrangement is available. Enter the proper information in the little book on the stand in the corner of the Narthex. Put your $25 (check or cash) into the envelope and place it in the offering plate. Your dedication will be published in the Sunday bulletin on the date you indicate and your donation will be noted on your financial record of giving to the church.

Jamie's Blankets

Lay Eucharist Ministers/Visitors

Memorial Garden

Pastoral Care

Visitation (Hospitals, in home, etc.)