O Living Christ, make us conscious of Your healing presence.  Touch our eyes that we may see You; Open our ears that we may hear Your voice; Enter our hearts that we may know Your love.  Overshadow our souls and bodies with Your presence that we may partake of Your strength, Your love, and Your healing life
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From ancient times until now acolytes have been faithful and conscientious men, women, boys and girls, who love the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to serve Him at his sacred altar. It is an honor to be selected as one who serves in this special ministry to God and God’s people.

Currently we have eleven acolytes who regularly serve at CHS: Constance and Eric Cadien, Jesse Friederichs, Noah and Kara Altenbach, Kati and Emily Benson, Jamila and Jeanine Carryl, Jordan Green, John Pallard Jr., and Brandi Sullivan.

Requirements: You must be member of CHS, be willing to attend training sessions and to serve as scheduled. Is God calling you? If so, please speak with Fr. John.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild serves God by preparing and tending the places where his people worship Him. Altar work goes on quietly behind the scenes and is often unnoticed because worshipers do not ordinarily think about the usual furnishings of altar and sanctuary. The Altar Guild prepares the altar for every Sunday service, for weddings, funerals or special services that are held in the church. They quietly spend many hours of “behind the scenes” service laundering linens and vestments, and washing vessels. The Altar Guild is always ready and happy to welcome new members! Prior experience is not required as on the job training and an easy to follow manual are available.


In April we were very happy to welcome our permanent Director of Music, Mr. Tim Lutner.  Throughout the year the Choir prepares hearts for both Word and Sacrament through songs of praise and worship to our Lord at the 10:30 a.m. Service on Sundays. Increased participation by soloists, the use of descants and other instruments including guitar and euphonium, have brought variety and increased participation in the Music Ministry. The Annual Choir Follies is a fun dinner-theatre event and fund raiser for the choir that all look forward to. 

This is a church that likes to sing, whether from the choir loft or pew. The choir rehearses on Thursdays at 7PM and Sunday mornings at 9:30AM. Why not join us? The only requirement is the ability to carry a tune. Director of Music, Tim Lutner 407-829-3903


Each Sunday during both services at Church of the Holy Spirit, God’s Holy Word is read aloud by a Lector as the congregation silently follows a printed version included in the bulletin. Appointed lessons from the Old Testament and New Testament are read by lay people. The Psalm is led by a lay person except during liturgical seasons when the Psalm or Canticle is sung responsively by the choir and congregation. The Gospel is always read by our clergy at Rite I and Rite II Services of Holy Eucharist.

Prayer Team

Intercessory Prayer Team (IPT) is a servant ministry dedicated to the glory of God and the healing of His people. Trained LAY PERSONS are commissioned by our priest before the congregation to serve in this HANDS-ON MINISTRY OF INTERCESSION during regularly scheduled services and special programs.  In addition, the Prayer Team adds to parish life by sponsoring Prayer Vigils for Convention and open house during various parish events


The Ushers and Greeters are there every Sunday or special service, standing on the front steps and in the narthex to welcome newcomers, visitors and regular attendees with a cheerful “hello”. They pass out bulletins and make an effort to assist visitors with finding a seat with a member of the congregation to guide them during the service if needed. During the service they serve to collect the offering and direct people to the altar rail for communion. After the 10:30 service the Ushers prepare a summary of the unsealed offerings from both services for the church bookkeeper.

If you are interested in serving in this front-line ministry, just contact any usher or greeter. We’ll be happy to train you “on the job”!